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Days of Our Lives

Aug. 20-24, 2001
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August 20, 2001

Hope meets with John so that he can tell her about the past. John reveals that at one time he and Stefano shared a bond of love and trust. Stefano was like a father to him. John admits he can't remember much about his past with Princess Gina except for several visits to her townhouse and the intense love they had for each other. John confides to Hope that he thinks Stefano is Greta's father, but Hope disagrees. She does not think that Gina and Stefano were involved in that way...

At the DiMera mansion, Lexie tells Rolf that John is suspicious of her. Rolf informs Lexie that she must keep John and Hope distracted about the past. In addition, he has a way to make Hope remember her life as Princess Gina without turning her back into Gina. Lexie says she will have to think about it. She warns Rolf not to do anything until she makes a decision. Later, Rolf and Bart devise a plan to kidnap Hope so that he can manipulate the chip inside her brain...

At the Java Café, Roman runs into Kate, who is looking very well. She informs him that she is back on top again. Sami interrupts them and starts slinging accusations and verbal abuse towards Kate. Sami is ready to physically attack Kate when Austin arrives. He tells Sami to let the past go. Sami accuses Kate of trying to turn her father against her. Later, Kate meets up with the headhunter who sent her resume [with the alias "Sarah Burton"] to John Black in hopes of snagging a position at his new company. Kate tells him to make a lunch date with John and then Kate will reveal herself to be Sarah Burton...

Austin visits Greta and tells her that he and Sami are working on a serious relationship. Greta is disappointed, but wishes him the best. She mentions her friendship with Jack, but says that's all it is -- friendship. Jennifer shows up to talk to Greta about her feelings for Jack. In the hallway, Jack runs into Austin who reveals that Jennifer is visiting Greta. Jack, pretending he doesn't know Jennifer is there, knocks on the door and calls Greta "honey." Jennifer is stunned and hides herself as Greta lets Jack inside. Jack plays up his relationship with Greta and feigns shock when Jennifer steps out of hiding...

Chloe and Brady decide to go bowling. They are having a great time until they see Nancy and Craig arrive...

August 21, 2001

Twilight falls on the island and there is romance and lust in the air. Belle and Shawn go swimming and the passion builds between them. On the beach they begin to make out, but how far will they go? On the other side of the island, Mimi hits on Kevin and the two of them move off for some privacy. Mimi puts the moves on him. When he finally can't take it anymore, he gives in and plants a huge kiss on her. Meanwhile, Paul tries to convince Jan to let him take nude photos of her on the beach, but she nervously leaves. In counterpoint, Philip decides he wants to leave the island and return to Salem to work things out with Chloe...

Jack is surprised to find Jennifer at Greta's apartment. He wants to discuss a business venture with her. His idea is to put automatic translators into televisions so that people who arrive in America and can't speak the language will have an easy way to learn English. Jennifer is shocked when Greta says she likes the idea... But she is even more shocked when Greta tells her she is interested in Jack. Jack has overheard this and is privately thrilled... This will help his plan to win back Jennifer...

Caroline helps Elizabeth fall in love with Salem by taking her shopping. Elizabeth admits to Colin that she might like to stay. He decides to go apartment hunting, and there's a close call as he and Jennifer almost meet up

Wednesday, August 22, 2001:

Coming soon!

Hopes driving home and realizes how late she is. She figures Bos going to be upset. Sure enough, Bo walks into the house and finds Doug and Julie taking care of their grandson. Laundry is piled in the middle of the living room. D&J tell Bo they picked up JT at the pub and Bo knows what Hope was up to and rants she should have been home with her son instead. (hmmm, probably what she was thinking when he was in Ireland) Hope returns home and notes how tired JT is and needs a nap, so Julie takes him right up. Doug and Hope try to lighten the mood in the room, but Bo continues to rant about the dirty house and Hopes absence and ability to keep secrets. He throws a pile of clothes on the floor and she tells them they were clean, she did the laundry this morning. When he continues to be upset, she tells him she has a baby and not as much time as she used to to do housework, but he can do it if he wants to. Julie and Doug escape to the kitchen for cheese and crackers. As Hope starts tidying up, Bo tells her he doesnt expect her to do all the housework and never has, but he would like to have her home when he gets there. He asks Hope where she was and she tells him she saw that JT was well looked after, but doesnt tell him. In the kitchen, Doug and Julie wonder what to do. Doug suggests they head out the back door (LOL) and Julie says B&H will know they overheard them arguing if they do. Love Dougs response (DUH!). Back in the arena, Hope tells Bo she was with a friend. Bo figures it was John Black she was with and cant stay away from. Doug and Julie listen in at the door as Bo and Hope argue about her having to know about her past. She tells him she loves him and he tells her that he loves her too, he just doesnt trust her and is upset she wont trust him by telling him what shes hiding from him. He tells her to handle what she has to without him and leaves to find his own damn dinner.

After Bo leaves, Julie and Doug make haste out the front door and see Bo standing on the front porch. They bid him good night and Hope joins him on the porch. She offers to scramble some eggs and they quietly talk. He tells her that its not the fact that JT isnt his son, but the fact she might find out who fathered JT with her search for her past and care for him. She assures him she loves him and no one else.

Back on the island, Shawn remembers when he and Belle were on the beach. He tells himself out loud how stupid he was and Mimi overhears and gives him a lecture about it. She tears into him about what happened and loses it when he admits not having protection. He tries to explain how they went swimming and Belle got cold. He was trying to warm her up and they started kissing and got carried away. He confesses how they got carried away and lost control. Mimi continues to blast him while Shawn tells her nothing happened. She tells him she doesnt want to see either him or Belle hurt so when his hormones take over, put his brain into gear. Paul hears loud talking and wanders in. Mimi heads back to camp after Paul calls her Shawns girlfriend. She assures him shes not. Shawn asks whats next with the treasure hunt and Paul tells him danger. They talk about the rock climbing the next day (guess he packed the rock climbing gear in the same bag as Philip packed his guitar in?).

Philip feels bad for what he said and asks for Gods help to get Chloe back. Someone touches his shoulder and he smiles. Its Belle. She knows his mind is stuck on Chloe and he used his cellphone without Mr. Woods knowing it. He tells Belle about being at the bowling alley with her parents and Brady. Philip figures Brady was waiting for him to leave town to move in on Chloe. She assures him nothings going on with them (LOL) and Chloe doesnt even like being around her folks. Belle tells Philip that Chloes told her how much she cares for him. He tells her about calling Chloe a B*tch and a liar. Belle asks what Chloe responded with and he told her he hung up before she had a chance. Belle changes her mind and tells him to worry, worry a lot! He missed Chloe so much and needed to hear her voice and found himself yelling at her. Belle tells him hes just jealous as hes in love with Chloe. Hes the same sweet guy shes been friends with for a long time. He berates himself for calling Chloe ghoul girl and b*tch. Belle warns him if he and Chloe dont get back together, it wont be the end of the world. She tells him to be Philip again and he has to like himself before he expects Chloe to like him again. They tell each other they love each other and will be friends for life and hug as Shawn walks out from the bushes and watches/listens. Philip tells Shawn hes a lucky guy to have a girlfriend like Belle and they all agree its late and best get to bed.

Slimeball walks up behind Mimi and she tells him hes old enough to be her father when he comes on to her. She tells him off (why doesnt she warn Mr. Woods about his behavior?).

Brady leads a blindfolded Chloe who's now wearing a long dress with spaghetti straps (must have stopped by the house to change out of her bowling duds?) They laugh over the bowling experience, both having had a great time and she even enjoyed being with her mom. He flips on the lights on a gazebo in the park and unties her blindfold. He tells her the parks department has it available for weddings, parties, etc. He found the hidden switch to the lights when he was 15 and use to bring dates there. They talk about Philips calls and shes surprised he doesnt give her his usual lecture about Philip as he tells her whatever happens will happen. He does feel that Philip is totally the wrong guy for her though. She nicely tells him its her decision and to be quiet about it. She looks around and says the place reminds her of something, the set in The Sound of Music when Lizel sang to the cute blonde guy (Rolf) when she snuck out of the house. They launch into a duet of I am 16 going on 17 and do a fantastic job of itthis spoiler is standing up applauding! Bravo!! (Im enjoying these two together, I know there are many Philip/Chloe fans, but this is just MY feeling). Chloe thanks Brady for the special time hes given her. She thought it would have been horrible with her friends gone to Puerto Rico, but feels she and Brady are going to be real good friends. They talk about how far their relationship has come and she hopes their relationship will last forever and hugs him. They talk about her favorite things which leads into another Sound of Music song and they do another great job. (Ive missed live music on DOOL and this was a special treat) Chloe forgot a word in the song and Brady tells her what it was, LOL. They end the song with her sitting on his lap and hugging as the credits roll